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All you need is Love

November 15th, 2005 (11:01 pm)

For a few weeks I went to this bible study with Mama, Will and Paul. At first is seemed pretty cool, We got free food and we sat around and talked about God and The Bible. It didn't take long untill it turned into a regular doom and gloom church bashing session. But I did learn something valuable out of it.
The most important thing is love. It never occured to me before in such a clear way. For the longest time all I could hear in my head was Jesus saying "go and sin no more" And to me that was my ultimate goal in life. I would do things just for the sake of doing good. Until I realized that nothing has any real meaning unless it's done out of love.
Well anyways, at this meeting we would sit around and hear someone elses views presented as fact, And I personally was the most angry that they were pushing the whole gloom and doom end of the world stuff on us.
But on the way home me and Paul talked about the whole meeting from that day. Paul was upset about the general attitude. Because for the most part, they kept bragging about how we were better than the church. honestly, this didn't bother me too much until he mentioned it. We shouldn't disclude anyone for wanting to help or do good. Like Jesus said "love God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as you love yourself". I realized that this isn't Just some small saying. This is the point of life. Love is the point of life. Without love, life is pointless. Love your nighbor as you love yourself includes everyone. It seems hard to grasp loving someone else as much as you love yourself. think about this, How do you feel about yourself in general? There may be a few little things in there that are unfavorable but overall your doing a pretty good job of being a person, Right?

I'm tired of being upset about things that other people do or don't do. I'm done with it. From now on I'm going to love everyone unconditionally.

I was just reading the other day where Jesus asked someone what the most important commandment is, And the man answered, "love God with all your heart, And love your neighbor as yourself". To witch Jesus answered, "you are not far from the Kingdom of God". Jesus said this because this man truly understood what is important. God is love. When the Kingdom of love rules your heart, Then you will be a pefect son of God, Just like Jesus. You can learn a lot out of love.

That's just what I've been thinking about lately.

freewilljess [userpic]

Yet another Jam Night! / Strange Day!

September 23rd, 2005 (08:13 pm)

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Yesterday was the craziest day. I didn't get to the bar until 10:00 (I'm supposed to be there at 9:00). Paul didn't come with me, for one thing. So I walked in there by myself, late, just happy to be there but sad to leave paul at home alone. I had no clue as to what I was planning, But at least I was gonna be there with the rest of my band in our so called "Predicament". Paul's reason was completely reasonable for not coming, He made the right choice in staying home. I could have made it on time but I couldn't just leave paul there not knowing how I had got there or knowing that I just left him without knowing if he was okay. Finally, he came downstairs and told me that it was okay if I went without him. Then he called and arranged a ride for me.

While I was walking in the bar I was frustrated, Not Only because I was late but also because I spent a couple of hours waiting and having no clue what was going on. I shrugged off a few people's Questions and hello's as I hurried into the bar. I was extremely relieved when I walked in to see Will, One of our old drummers up on stage with the rest of my band. They where very fittingly playing a song that asked a Question I Had been asking my self for the last while, It was a song by "Four Non Blonds" called "whats going on?".

So I pulled my bass and cord out of my case and got on stage, the whole time I felt like crying. Even while we were playing songs I was trying not to cry. All I could think about was how it must be for paul sitting at home alone knowing that there was nothing he could do but sit there. Not that he wanted to leave us Hanging, In fact he probably hated that more than just about anything. Still it was the right thing to do and none of us in the band resented or even thought twice about it.

When we finished our set, I looked on my phone and noticed that he had called me while we where playing. So I called him back and he said that everything was fine now, that it was all worked out and better, And also that he wanted me to come and get him.

So I got a ride back home, and shortly after arrived back at the bar feeling quite a bit better knowing that everything was now okay.

Shortly after we got up on stage with a friend of ours and where feeling much better jamming on some "Gorrilaz" and some slightly altered "White Stripes". But that wasn't the end of the nights strangeness.

When the night was almost over chris (our rhythm guitarist) came over to me and told me that our singer (Kidd) left angry while talking to the doorman and a friend. It turned out that the bartender pretty much chewed out a friend of ours for ordering water and never leaving a tip. She got really personal and went a little over board criticizing him for not having a job and so forth. As if that wasn't bad enough for the guy, when he went outside the doorman had apparently taken up the side of the bartender and also started to yell at him. Kidd was there and got into an argument sticking up for him. Apparently the doorman got angry and yelled "if you don't like it you can Leave" (or something to that effect), So she did leave.

This all happened at the very end of the night, I was told that she had left just before the last song (witch I was playing on), so I didn't have time to try to find out what was going on.

Anyways, To Make an already condensed long story short; She came back, The doorman apologized, Pissed her off again, She went to leave, I asked her not to, so she didn't. Even after that I kind of got into another argument with the doorman. we both apologized to each other and every body left on good terms.

I have to say, for fairness of the story, that the doorman is a good guy and he is also a good friend. It's just that sometimes when the bar has an issue (seeing that he's the doorman) It's his job to take it up. This isn't always conducive to keeping peace with your friends when sometimes you have to confront them on behalf of someone else.

Every one ended up discussing everything with everyone (including the bartender) and we're all pretty much on good terms.

You can definitely understand it from the bartenders perspective too. Bar tending is a trying job, especially if your not being tipped well and your in debt. Not to go into it too much, I just want you to understand that these are all good hearted people and on this night their frustrations got the better of them, As they do to everyone sometimes.

So as we left Joking with our friends and feeling much better about everything I realized that it must have been a strange night not only for us but also for a lot of other people that where involved in all of these ordeals.

So you can imagine that is was also strange when we arrived at miejers, that the door was open on the opposite end of the store. That the cashier said that someone just ran out with groceries earlier. And when we said that the day had been strange for us a customer that had been standing there talking to the cashier said "You think you've had a strange day?!" and left, Implying that she too had a strange day.

I also want to say that jam night is usually a blast, It was still pretty fun in spite of every thing.

freewilljess [userpic]

Rockin' out

September 11th, 2005 (09:10 pm)

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This weekend was pretty fun, It started on thursday. Our band (Free Will) hosts a jam night at the corrunna rd. bar every thursday. It was kind of a slow night there this week but that's kind of a good thing. It's been so packed the last three weeks that it was hard to move. When there's a lot of people there it's awsome of course, But the biggest problem is getting all the musicians up to play. it ends up being a pretty big headache. It was a fun night we got to play more because less people where there (witch is always a good thing).

Friday was pretty good too. Not as many people where there but we got really into it, And I think it was the most fun I've had playing music in a long time.

Saturday was awsome, The bar was packed and the crowd loved us. It's very lucky for us that the bar was packed because they told us we wouldn't be able to play weekends there anymore if we didn't bring more people in. Witch is kind of strange because we're the house band and you can be sure that there's no shortage of people there on thursday's. They even told us that thursday nights almost alway's do better than the whole weekend.
Saturday is kind of a hard night to play because by then we've played music together for three day's in a row (saturday being our fourth), and I think we're all pretty emotionally drained by then and also physically tired. It would be our fourth day because we practice on wednsday's. It was very fun though.

Our crowd is really awsome too. One of my friends from another band mentioned it. He said that it's pretty cool when you get down off stage and you see people that come in to see your band and your like "how's it going" and you joke around with them and hang out and talk and stuff. These aren't even just our freinds that we bring with us, These are people that come to the bar independantly of our core group of friends.

Well anyway's, It was a fun weekend.

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Strange day

September 10th, 2005 (06:10 pm)

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You know? It's kind of strange when you wake up at 6:00 in the afternoon and know one's home but you. I think everybody's at a birthday party.

freewilljess [userpic]

I now have a live journal account

September 7th, 2005 (01:25 pm)

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I got an account today, On this site called live journal. It's pretty cool. You can post your thought's and stuff. I'm gonna start posting on it. But not right now. I'll have to do it later, cause I don't feel like it right now. I feel like I'm neglecting live journal, But we just met. Maybe it'll be different further on in our relationship. But Right now, Me and live journal will have our space.

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